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Real Marriage by SuperGrouper Real Marriage by SuperGrouper
There was on deviantART previously a "het marriage" stamp- but apparently it was put up by some fellow who waited for people to fave and link to it- then he changed the stamp image to say "I support unequal rights" and changed the description to be insulting. If you faved the other stamp and you don't want to be insulted through his deception, you might consider unfaving it. I'm fairly sure that DA policy is against gaining faves through deception.

I'm uploading this to take the place of the other one, which was removed by the artist's deception. Don't worry- I won't be removing or changing this (unless I just decide to change the font size or something.)

Homosexuality has existed for a long time and was widely accepted in ancient Greece, but homosexual relationships have never been validated by marriage, because the marriage relationship and resulting family is the building block of human society. I don't hate gays (I love them,) but I think that it is counterproductive to offer marriage benefits to groups who can't fulfill the societal function of marriage. In every European country that has legalized homosexual marriage, the heterosexual marriage rate has plummeted. Some say that this is due to a devaluation of the institution; I'm not sure why it happens, but it's a well-verified statistic, whatever the cause.

However... if the government continues to broaden the definition of marriage, I plan on looking into getting monetary benefits and spousal insurance for my cat. Our relationship is sex-free, but loving.

If you want to use this on your blog, etc. I uploaded it HERE and you can hotlink to it from there, since I don't want to eat up deviantART's bandwidth.

I thought that most of you would understand the purpose of disabling comments, but apparently, you do not. It means that I have no interest in your flaming. Bypassing this by attacking my userpage is a huge violation of etiquette. Did your parents NEVER teach you proper conduct?
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March 7, 2008
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